There Could Be A £202 Extra For Thousands Of UK Families This Winter

30 September, 2021 by Denzil Otieno 5 mins read Category:  Money Personal Finance

Thousands of families in the United Kingdom will be eligible to receive more financial assistance to heat their homes this winter, thanks to the extension of Child Winter Heating Assistance qualifying requirements. Who is eligible for this additional sum?

Child Winter Heating Assistance is a £202 annual payment made to homes in Scotland that have a child or adolescent receiving certain disability payments. This payment is made by the Scottish Government and is exclusively for heating their homes during the winter months.

The DWP is not responsible for dealing with Child Winter Heating Assistance applications since it is a benefit system administered by a devolved government entity. Social Security Scotland handles all claims.

Huge Payments Already Made 

During the pandemic last year, the UK Government paid more than 14,000 payments totalling £2.8 million between November and mid-March 2021. Those who receive the highest rated care component of Disability Living Allowance are currently eligible for Child Winter Heating Assistance (DLA).

Last week, the proposed legislation in the Scottish Parliament to expand benefit payment eligibility to young people aged 16 to 18, who receive the enhanced daily living component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Child Winter Heating Assistance would be extended to over 19,400 children and young people to assist their families in heating their homes if approved by Holyrood. This will result in 5,000 extra families getting the benefits—which will be retroactive to last year.

Those receiving DLA will not need to apply because their payment is provided automatically by Social Security Scotland. Instead, all qualifying families will be issued a confirmation letter, which will coincide with when the payment is made.

The Scottish Government’s Social Justice Secretary, Shona Robison, explained why Holyrood proposes broadening the qualifying requirements for Child Winter Heating Assistance.

Mr Robison Speaks Out 

According to Mr Robison, the increased funds assist families of profoundly handicapped children and young adults with the additional expenditures of heating their homes for extended periods. He went on to say that the Child Winter Heating Assistance was one of seven unique new benefits created with the help of the social security authority.

He was happy that more than 5,000 additional families would benefit from the £202 payment during the colder months by expanding eligibility. Automatically transferring funds to families over the winter will assist them in budgeting and balancing the numerous financial constraints that they may encounter at this time of year.

The Expansion By the Scottish Government 

The Scottish Government’s decision to expand the benefits system comes as opposition parties push for Holyrood to be given social security responsibilities, notably over the Winter Fuel Payment.

During yesterday’s Labour Party Conference, Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar stated that the powers of the Scottish Parliament might be utilized to boost the allowance for individuals on low incomes by £70.

According to Mr Sarwar, 150,000 seniors in Scotland live in relative poverty each year, with many more on the verge. He went on to say that the Scottish parliament has the authority to offer winter payments that reflect the demands on fuel-poor households, but the SNP has been slow to take responsibility.

That’s why they’re giving every low-income retiree £70 today to assist them to get through the winter. These requests to boost the amount granted to Winter Fuel Payment recipients come as the energy price cap is expected to rise at the end of the month.

The ceiling restricts the amount providers may charge for their default tariffs, and the upcoming increase would disproportionately affect low-income people. Anyone born on or before September 26, 1995, is eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment of between £100 and £300 to assist pay for their heating expenses.

This payment is only for Britons receiving the new state pension or other Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) welfare payments, such as Universal Credit. The DWP makes all payments to claimants in November and December to support vulnerable people throughout the winter months.

However, other benefit systems comparable to the Winter Fuel Payment are also available to persons under 65.

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